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‘Wordle’ Turns Into B-O-A-R-D Game

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'Wordle' Turns Into B-O-A-R-D Game

Wordle is going IRL in a big way.

According to a press release issued by The New York Times on Thursday, the popular daily word puzzle that has spawned a thousand clones (and flooded your Twitter account with square emojis) is going to become a physical wordle board game.

This brand-new party game by Hasbro and the Times will deliver classic Wordle gameplay in an all-new way, thanks to a new partnership between Hasbro and the Times, which purchased Wordle from its founder in January. It was described as “a brand-new product that delivers classic Wordle gameplay in an all-new way.” (Looking for something to entertain you while you wait? Try these word-based board games.)

wordle the party game

Credit: Hasbro

There is no doubt that Wordle has become a staple of social and pop culture vocabulary since it burst onto the scene, said Adam Biehl, Hasbro Gaming SVP and General Manager in a statement released by the company. It is an absolute pleasure for us to work with New York Times Games on bringing our gaming worlds together and extending Wordle in new ways in collaboration with the New York Times.”

While Wordle: The Party Game is not similar to the original Wordle, which is a single-player puzzle that can be found on the New York Times’ website, Wordle: The Party Game is designed for two to four players ages 14 and over. The players will take turns being the Wordle Host who will write down a five-letter Secret Word on a dry-erase Wordle board, and the rest of the players will have to guess this word within six attempts or less.
There are points given to guessers depending on how many tries it took them to get it right, and at the end of the game, the person with the fewest points wins. Besides the standard game modes, players can also compete in Fast, Timed, and Team modes for a little twist on the usual gameplay.
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