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There is no end to TikTok’s love for drag queen Trixie Mattel

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Another wild week on TikTok. Credit: Mashable Composite

After being called out by Doja Cat for being a snake, Beyoncé posted her first TikTok video this week while Noah Schnapp decided to break his silence by posting a math video after he was called out by Doja Cat for being a snake. While users participated in a keep singing along challenge as well as shared things that are popular with teens, girls, and lesbians, they posted about things that irritated them, and they discussed things that pissed them off on TikTok.

Teenagers, girls, lesbians, I love them all…

Drag queen Trixie Mattel recently told Vice News that her fans are entirely queer women, teenagers, girls, lesbians, the mentally ill, the very sad, and folk music enthusiasts. TikToks clearly benefited from the iconic soundbite. In addition to posting others, things, and media geared toward those demographics, creators are posting other things that appeal to them. There is nothing better than absurdity. More than 3,000 TikToks have featured the clip.

It is quite possible that the least likely champion of the trend was posted by @gigiontherun who posted a picture of Tom Wambsgans from Succession with the caption, “a list of people who love Tom Wambsgans.” He was quite possibly the least likely champion of the trend. An example of a popular video is one uploaded by @annilese.22 which has accumulated nearly 400,000 views and more than 36,000 likes in the last few days. 

An unlikely king. Credit: TikTok / Gigiontherun

An unlikely king. Credit: TikTok / Gigiontherun

I want to hear something that will irritate me

Over 90,000 videos have been accompanied by a TikTok by @artimuswolz. A screenshot of the original video shows Wolz saying, “Ugh I need to feel something. Harry, could you tell me something that will irritate me?” Offscreen, Harry says, “Boba Fett is better than Mando.” Wolz responds, “Yup, that will do it.” The video was uploaded on June 10 and has accumulated more than one million views and nearly 150,00 likes. It is not surprising that TikTokkers are turning the audio into a tool to share the things that are bothering them, whether they are relatable or hyper-specific. 

A creator reveals what pisses them off when Harry says, “Bobba Fett is better than Mando,” and then he reveals what’s making them mad. @mattiebasement’s video , who posted a video about the controversial frosted cookies found inside supermarkets and @tiffanymariex3’s video with the subtitle, “Relaxxx, it’s not that serious,” are examples of the trend. 

For the record, these cookies do suck. Credit: TikTok / Mattiebasement

For the record, these cookies do suck. Credit: TikTok / Mattiebasement

Taking part in a singing contest

On TikTok, fans have been flexing their knowledge to a new level and have reached new heights. It has long been a staple of the platform to challenge users to keep singing along to their favorite songs, but a new version of the trend has recently gained popularity as well. There were a few versions of the challenge that were popular at the beginning, but the most popular version featured creators singing along to the most complex lyrics of their favorite musicians.

There was a lot more weirdness in the next iteration. This song was edited out of the complicated lyrics that had been mentioned earlier and instrumental versions of the song were created selectively. If the viewers did not correctly sing along, then TikTokkers would use a spray bottle to hold them hostage, threatening to spray any viewer who did not sing along correctly with a spray bottle. As a result, fans would perform duets with the video and proudly show off their skills. 


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