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New Facebook Feeds Feature lets you Delete Unnecessary Pages



New Facebook Feeds Feature lets you Delete Unnecessary Pages

Facebook has finally implemented Feeds on mobile, letting users see their Facebook content in chronological order.

As a result, you can now view content from your favourites, friends, groups, and pages (instead of the Home feed), where Facebook’s algorithms determine what you should see.

You may have been disappointed at first if you had been eager to bypass Facebook’s algorithms and switch to Feeds. In my experience, Feeds were often filled with completely irrelevant content, such as ads from Pages that I had followed years ago, and memes from novelty Pages that no longer have any relevance.


My suspicion is that I’ve been using Facebook’s “like” button as a “save for later” button, and this fairly random collection of content has accumulated over time. In my opinion, Feeds is almost as messy as It’s algorithmic Home feed.

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You can, however, do something about it. This is a great opportunity for you to reduce the number of pages you “liked” but no longer care about. Are you talking about that Pilates equipment site? Do you remember that gelateria in that small Italian town you probably won’t return to? Have you ever been to a local grocery store that has somehow turned into a conspiracy theory website? Yes, it might be time to let them go.

You won’t see results immediately, but if you’re diligent about trimming things you don’t want, you’ll see improvements as you use Feeds. Once you start seeing the posts from people and businesses you are interested in on Facebook, you’ll understand why you signed up.


Your favorites list can be expanded by adding more favorites. By setting Feeds as Favourites, you can see only posts from your Favorites. For the purpose of adding Pages and Friends to Favourites, Facebook has made it somewhat complicated – you must first tap Menu – Settings & Privacy – Settings – News Feed – Favourites, then search for a page or friend. You can also add more Pages and Friends by tapping on Feeds – Favourites – Manage Favourites and searching.

There is a limit of 30 Favorites you can have on this app, which makes this feature less useful.

It takes some work to fine-tune all of this for a better Feeds experience. It’s fine if all you want to do is scroll mindlessly, and let Facebook decide what content you’ll see. Feeds always win out when it comes to timely content posted by Pages, Friends, and Groups you follow. The only thing missing is the ability to create topical lists of friends and pages (think Twitter lists).



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