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Netflix Charges you for Sharing your Account



Add homes, pay $2.99 more per month per home. Credit: Netflix

Netflix user should not share their account with another household that does not subscribe to Netflix. The company now offers an option to turn it into a feature – for an additional cost, of course.

With the “add a home” feature, users have the option to purchase additional “homes” that they want to share their Netflix account with other members of their family or friends. On top of the regular subscription fee, there is a monthly fee for each household, but that fee ($2.99) is considerably less than the cost of a full Netflix subscription, so you can still save a few bucks on Netflix by signing up for this service.

As part of the feature, you will also be able to watch Netflix on your tablet, laptop, or phone while you are travelling. In addition to that, Netflix has also announced that a new setting will be available soon, which will allow users to control where their account is being used and to remove additional homes at any time.


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It has been announced that Netflix’s Help Center will launch its new feature on August 22. When someone chooses to share their Netflix account with another household, Netflix points out that it will not automatically add homes and charge an additional fee when someone shares their account with those households. Instead, users will be asked to add homes and approve the additional charge when they do so.

As far as the way in which this feature can be used is concerned, there are a few limitations. Accordingly, each account will be able to add a certain number of extra “homes”, based on the account’s tier: Basic accounts will be able to add one extra home, Standard accounts will be able to add two, and Premium accounts will be able to add three.

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According to Netflix’s FAQ page, it uses a variety of data to detect the extra homes, including IP addresses, device IDs, account activity, and more in order to detect the additional homes.”

The new feature is different from Netflix’s “add an extra member” feature that was launched in a few countries in March 2022. In that case, users were given the option to add subaccounts for up to two people who do not live with them.

There are also a few countries for which the “add a home” feature is not available – namely Argentina, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

The Director of Product Innovation at Netflix, Chengyi Long, revealed the news in a blog post in which she said the widespread use of account sharing between households undermines Netflix’s ability to invest in and improve its services in the long-term.


There has been a change in Netflix’s subscription policy since it announced that it lost subscribers during the first quarter of 2022 (which is the first time Netflix has lost subscribers). As part of the announcement in June, Netflix said it is also considering introducing an ad-supported streaming plan, which would be less expensive than the standard streaming plan.

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