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K-netizens are enraged after witnessing OMEGA X’s CEO allegedly physically abusing OMEGA X’s member Jaehan




On October 24, SBS released a videotape in response to allegations that OMEGA X’s CEO Kang Seong Hee was hitting the members during their world tour. A day before, on 23rd October an OMEGA X fan took to social media to share a shocking eyewitness account of the agency‘s CEO abusing the members.

“Guys, I was staying for the Uber that I called outdoors and I saw the company CEO hitting the members. I really didn’t know what to do since my hands were shaking so much. They were being hit right in front of me but I couldn’t do anything.”


The contestation was heightened on October 24 when SBS released shocking footage of the CEO allegedly verbally and physically abusing members in Los Angeles. In the videotape, the CEO can be seen yelling at member Jaehan, who’s sitting on the bottom and appears to be in torturenevertheless, the CEO’s verbal abuse continues. In another scene, the CEO pulls Jaehan to the ground by his collar. Jaehan is seen crying as he gets back on his bases after that.

The CEO’s lack of guilt or regret for her behavior during a phone discussion with SBS is even more startling. Instead, she insisted that SBS find the person who uploaded the video while denying that her behavior was abusive.

According to the CEO, the individual who posted the video was an enemy of the organization. She persisted in saying that she had taken care of the guys and that no organization managed the group as effectively as she had.

K- nitizens were impelled to state their outrage and shock in an online forum. The CEO’s station complexed K- netizens, who remarked, “If she can’t handle this work, why did she set up an agency,” “I’m I was the parent of that member, I would have gone there and ripped her hair out,” “She’s totally crazy,” “She’s abusing her powers,” “She seems like a total psychopath,” “The boys need to leave the agency,” “I feel so bad for the boys,” “She is so crazy, what is wrong with her?” “Omg, this is so shocking to see that an agency like that exists,” “I’m a fan of OMEGA X and I really want the members to leave,” “She needs to go to a mental hospital,” “The things she said are so hurtful,” “She basically didn’t want to see the boys as people but just wanted to earn money,” “She’s doing this to the boys in LA, far from their home. Can only imagine how she is back in Korea,” “She’s taking out her anger on the boys,” “How can the CEO do that to the boys,” and “This is reminding me of that peanut abuse incident on Korea Airline.”




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